Rules & Regulations

AMVETS Rules and Regulations

  1. No outside food is allowed without management approval.
  1. Parties may bring in cake, baked goods, nuts and mints.
  1. We do not tray up baked goods and do not cut and serve cake or punch.
  1. We are not responsible for wedding cakes if they should happen to fall.
  1. We will provide trays, punch bowl, punch cups and beverage napkins.
  1. You will be allowed to bring in punch if you so desire but we will not provide the cups or napkins. If we do have to provide it will be an additional $6.00 charge for cups.
  1. If you purchase a keg of beer it must be finished before the dance/DJ starts, which at that time the keg will be pulled for the rest of the evening. We will allow one keg per 100 people.
  1. All parties who have a band or DJ, will be billed for security. We will provide security as we see fit and will let you know at the time the party is confirmed. Management will decide if a guard needs to be present. The security cost will be $45.00/per hour/per guard.
  1. Parties are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages in the building; if this is found at any time of the party management can/will shut the party down with no refund. Management will allow only wine at a $3.00 corking fee per bottle if the party would want a special wine made for them. Management will plan and discuss with you about details. MUST BE APPROVED FIRST!!!
  1. Children are not allowed in the bar areas. Please keep them from entering or standing at the bar.
  1. We do not decorate, but will supply the table covering which is white plastic. We do not have table skirting; this will have to be purchased by party members.
  1. All candles must be in a container that covers the flame.
  1. Entertainment needs to be done at 12:30am. Bar will do last call at 12:30am, this gives the party/guests time to clean up, and/or make taxi calls. EVERYONE needs to be out at 1:00am NO EXCEPTIONS!
  1. Anything you want saved from your party must be taken out of the building that night. Please let your decorators know. We are not responsible for anything lost or damaged.
  1. The renter is responsible for all damages incurred the day/evening of the event and will be billed accordingly.
  1. All bills must be paid before the end of the event.
  1. Absolutely no bubbles are allowed in the building.
  1. The halls are set up in a regular manner. If you would like a different setup than have a diagram for us to follow the week before the event. Or you can move anything around as needed but do not block any entrance.



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